Nurses Honor Guard of South Carolina Honor Wall 2021

The honorees before you have made numerous sacrifices to obtain various degrees, advanced degrees and countless certifications – all of which deserve to be noted and recognized.

However, for the purpose of this Honor Wall, we recognize these honorees for the one bond they all share – they were all nurses. Nurses who answered a calling, served passionately and who leave behind an individualized legacy to the profession.  

We are humbled and grateful to the families who have allowed us to perform our tribute at their service.  May this tribute wall allow us to give pause and reflect, for the world has been changed because of them. Rest easy dear brothers and sisters. You will never be forgotten.

Claire Teresa Drake Medlock, RN

Ana Whittington, RN

Krystal Webb, RN

Marie Britt, LPN

Treva Greene, RN

Linda V. Mills, RN

Betty Bey, LPN

Fredda Monroe

Ana Whittington

Diana Donegan, RN

Ethel Gooden, RN

Hilda Wright Gore

Elizabeth Marinda Jackson, RN

Beverly Tippens, RN

Sonya Austin, RN

Katina “Tina” Donnell Nesmith Jones

Treva Greene, RN

Christine Price, LPN

Ethel Mae Glover Gooden, RN

Brittany Lawson, RN

Barbara Jane Atwell, RN

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