Nurses Honor Guard of South Carolina


The honorees before you have made numerous sacrifices to obtain various degrees, advanced degrees and countless certifications – all of which deserve to be noted and recognized.

However, for the purpose of this Honor Wall, we recognize these honorees for the one bond they all share – they were all nurses. Nurses who answered a calling, served passionately and who leave behind an individualized legacy to the profession.  

We are humbled and grateful to the families who have allowed us to perform our tribute at their service.  May this tribute wall allow us to give pause and reflect, for the world has been changed because of them. Rest easy dear brothers and sisters. You will never be forgotten.

Rhonda Rhode Stubbs, RN member of the Nurses Honor Guard of South Carolina 

Dorothy “Dot” Smith, RN

Carolina Genwright Chestnut, RN

Doris Sager, RN

Melody “Dee” Sampson, RN

Cam Spencer, RN

Peggy Burris, RN

Angela (Angi) Harris Laws, RN

Amiee Turner Slesinski, RN



Karen Robertson Blackmon, LPN

Jean Tapiwa Caroline Njagu Morrow APRN N.P.

Carol Anne Robinson, RN

Doris Carolyn Owens Alexander, RN

Rose Marie Pierce Shaw, RN

Gail Duvall

Amber, Todd, RN


Glenda “Carol” Traverse, RN

Jane Wallace Matthews LPN.


LaVerne Belue,

Christine Price, LPN

Sally Higgins, RN


Patricia A Lee, LPN


Rosemary Cantey RN

Linda Allen Buchman, RN

Sadie Jackson, RN

Carol Dianne Anderson, RN member of the Nurses Honor Guard of South Carolina 

 Charles Jackson “Bucky” Mock, RN

Penelope “Penny” Beck Parker, RN

Lloyd Gore, RN

Mary Ellen Howell, RN,

Phyllis Ruth Belton, RN

Barbara Woods Franklin, RN

Dr. Tabatha Adams, NP

Lisa Oliver, RN


Jerry McKinley Fales, RN

Priscilla “Pat” Ann McIntosh, RN

Jacqueline Christine “Christy” Henson, RN

Helen Wooten, RN


Mary Byers McElveen Gadsden, RN

Edna Bryan LPN


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