Nurses Honor Guard of South Carolina


The honorees before you have made numerous sacrifices to obtain various degrees, advanced degrees and countless certifications – all of which deserve to be noted and recognized.

However, for the purpose of this Honor Wall, we recognize these honorees for the one bond they all share – they were all nurses. Nurses who answered a calling, served passionately and who leave behind an individualized legacy to the profession.  

We are humbled and grateful to the families who have allowed us to perform our tribute at their service.  May this tribute wall allow us to give pause and reflect, for the world has been changed because of them. Rest easy dear brothers and sisters. You will never be forgotten.

Jane Hay, RN

Isabelle Karen Hill, RN

Polly Merritt, LPN

Tommie Ruth Nelson, LPN

Ivette Diaz, RN

Norma Jean Schurgot, RN

Elaine Shelley, RN

Sonya Holbrooks, LPN

 McKayla Johnson, LPN

Jacquelyn Pitts Jurecek CRNA

Karen McKaughn

Mary Louise Logan, RN

Barbara Blackwell, LPN

Barbara Ann Carr, RN

Ollie Marie Bramlett, RN

Emma Jane Truelove

 Peggy McKaughn

Dorothy Lockman, RN

Mary Louise Logan, RN

Johanna Fay Childers, RN

Paige Williams, RN

Shelby Jean Hightower, RN

Carmen Rodriguez

Priscilla Fletcher, LPN

Sara Frances Grooms Coxe, RN

Joyce Parrott

Millie Norton, LPN

James Calvin “Jamie” Rivers, LPN

Thelma Roberta Adams, LPN

Mildred Clay, LPN

Doris Carolyn Harrell Pelt, LPN

Maggie Mobley, LPN

Carol Tinder, RN

Patricia Ann Smith, RN

Virginia Greer, RN

Joyce H. Littlefield, RN

Louise Clay, LPN

Kimberly Amanda “Mandy” Weathers, RN

Linda K. Lewis, LPN

Deborah Anne Leonard Young, RN

Cheryll E. Hines

Ellen Louise Pritchard, LPN

Hilda Vandiver McCurley, RN

Dinah Williams, RN

Geraldine “Jerri” Tyler Cameron, RN

Doris B Smalls, LPN

Bruce Mack, RN

Heidi Bivens, LPN

Takissa La’sonya Caldwell, LPN

Susanne Prewitt, RN

Patsy Johnston, LPN

Graciela Latiff, RN

Barbara Jane Cox Moore, LPN

Francis Elizabeth Polic, RN

Margaret Dianne Smith, RN

Beverly Bunch, RN

Janice Marlene Corn, RN

Marion Jane Wilmot Graham, RN

Jacqueline Stewart McGlamory, RN

Sherry Clark, RN

Linda Nell Rogers, LPN

Lois Brown, RN

Staff Sergeant Keith Wayne Shipman

Dr. Carol A. Reis-Starr, RN

Clara N. Partin, RN

Barbara Ann Robinson, LPN

Sally R Sutton, LPN

Patricia “Patty” Brown, RN

Nurse Wetzel

Barbara Gadsden, RN

Anne Graham, RN

Linda Honeycutt, RN

Thomas Osman, RN

Bonnie Marie Hanson, RN

Nicole Harlen, RN

Shirley Holladay Thompson, RN

Billie Craft, RN

Georgina Stuckey, RN

Mary Comstock Hye, RN

Nancy Jeanne Hannah, RN

Belinda Wadford, RN

Margaret Baranski, RN

Brenda Bolen Wright, LPN

Patsy Bradley, RN

Sandra Slovensky, RN

Betty Jane Irby Chaffold

Barbara Grubbs, RN

Rita Ann Szupillo, RN

Minnie Richardson Dudley, RN

Operdella “Della” Robinson, RN

Jene Lyn Carroll, LPN

Theresa Jenkins

Dorothy Rodgers, RN

Evelyn Wilson, RN

Mary Nash, RN

 Iris Graves Allen, RN