The honorees before you have made numerous sacrifices to obtain various degrees, advanced degrees and countless certifications – all of which deserve to be noted and recognized.

However, for the purpose of this Honor Wall, we recognize these honorees for the one bond that they all share – they were all nurses.

Nurses who answered a calling, served passionately and all who leave behind an individualized legacy to the profession. For that, we are eternally thankful and give pause, for the world has been changed because of them. Rest easy dear brothers and sisters. You will never be forgotten.

Ann Connelly Robinson, RN

Linda Tindall, RN


Faye Newbern Higgs,RN


Amelia Morton Hassell, LPN.


 Rae Ann Romesburg, RN


Michele Hauser, RN


Carol McDougal, RN


Jan Sharon Pharr, RN

Elizabeth Gail Sessions, RN


Dennis “Roy” Graham, RN


Jaynie Brooke Gassaway, RN


Mae Frances McDaniel Cox


Mary Church Polo, RN


Martha Forbis, RN


Mary Alice Harrell Barnes, LPN


Kristin Barnes, RN


Jane McAlister, RN 


Mary Alice Driscoll, RN


Harriet Elizabeth Kitchin Giles, RN


Virgina Dorothy Rhodes, LPN

Octavia Crummy, RN


Nikki Boyd, RN


Norma Newsom Rowe, LPN


Kathleen (Kathy) Joy Abrams, RN


 Edna Bowers RN

Joyce Todd LPN

Janice Carroll RN


Katie Hines Greer, RN


Stephanie Michelle “Shelley” Grosso Hoffman, RN


Margaret Frances Queen Moran, RN


Barbara Ann Collins, RN

Rebecca Elizabeth Huffman, RN

Sue Smith Forrester, RN


Eleanor Scott, RN


Mary Goff, LPN


Carrie “Chrissy” Bessetti, LPN


Nichole O. White, LPN

Marguerite Garrett, RN


Arleen Margaret Kadri, RN


Barbara McLeod Morris, RN


Rebecca “Becky” Greenway Armstrong, RN


Patsy A. Turner, RN


Ruth Elizabeth Burgess, LPN


John Thomas Kolmar, RN


Eleanor Jenkins RN


Nettie Davis Martin, RN


Faye Williams Guy, RN   


Cora Brown, RN 








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